Our mission

Our goal is to bring the best of the the products in China to you with efficiency, speed and accuracy. We are able to help you manufacture, prototype and ship a variety of items for your office, building project or business.

Core goals

  • Acccuracy.

  • Quality Materials.

  • Cost effective sourcing.

  • On time shipment.

  • Precision manufacturing.

Our experience

Manufacturing- 18 years
Chinese Speaking - 18 years
Exporting - 18 years
Consulting - 18 years

What we are good at

We are good at turning your ideas and concepts into finished projects.  Bring your ideas and needs to us and we will work with you to determine what is possible and how to produce the products that you need at a low cost with a high quality.

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Product Sourcing

Mafosira specializes in finding the right manufacturer from our vast network of factories that we have build relationships with over the years.  To ensure that you are able to get your items produced quickly and affordably.

Quality Control

With boots on the ground for the past 18 years, we keep a close eye on quality control to ensure that all steps of the manufacturing process are followed exactly to the specifications.  Doing so makes sure that your finished product is of high quality.


Mafosira has years of experience with taking a product from the initial concept to a completed and shipped product. Even if you only have your idea as a sketch on a piece of paper we are able to work with you to turn it into a acutal product that is ready for the market.

Custom Manufacturing

With years of experience in custom manufacturing doors, windows, flooring, clothing and luxury items. We specialize in putting together the processes to build, manufacture and ship your customized products to the world.

Hotel Furnishing

With several hotel projects under our belt across the Caribbean, West Africa and the United States we are able to work with you to build and decorate your hotel project. Our processes enable many customers so save as much as 50% off the cost of purchasing materials locally.

Worldwide Shipment

Our over 18 years of experience shipping containers of goods worldwide have enabled us to build a strong network of professional shipping channels to ensure that your goods arrive to your local port on time and safely.  We regularly ship to the Caribbean, West Africa and the United States.

Board of Directors

Buhari Bello
Founder and President

Brent Noel
Chairman: Canada,Central-South America and the Caribbean representative

Georgia Cole
General Manager and West Africa Representative

Preston Davies
European Representative

Christopher Randall
Manager and American representative

C Hotobah-During
TKD Solicitors, 124 Glenthorne Road,London W6 OLP, United Kingdom
Tel:+ 44 8741 8050; Fax +44 8741 8090.
email: mail@tkdsolicitors.com

Company Details

Mafosira Company Limited (Shenzhen) Import & Export
Country/Territory: China (Mainland)

Year Established: 2003-07-09
Legal Representative/CEO: Mr. BUHARI BELLO
Legal Form: Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise
Registration No.: QDYSZZD311172
Issuing Authority: Shenzhen City Administration for Industry and Commerce
Date of Issue: 2003-07-09
Date of Expiry: 2023-07-09
Registered Capital: HKD 1,000,00