Is Mafosira a trading company?

Mafosira is not a trading company, the difference between us and trading company is that we exits to assist our clients with designing, customizing, sourcing, quality control and preparing shipments from China. We not only import and export a wide range of products; we also have our own projects we are working on. Although we have good relations with our manufacturers, we always make it clear to manufacturers that client satisfaction is our top priority by giving us competitive prices, quality, timely production and a guarantee. A good relationship with a manufacturer means nothing if it doesn’t translate into better service for you.

Does Mafosira have a factory?

We do not have a factory; instead we have found and cultivated close relationships with only AAA manufacturers and businesses to produce your products according to your needs. This means that Mafosira can help make almost any product you need, and that we are not limited to producing only one type of goods.

Where does Mafosira ship?

We ship to any port of entry in the world.

Can Mafosira deliver to my home or office?

We only do all customs clearance and trade documentation in China; you have to do your own customs clearance from your end.Our study shows that client can save more money on shipment by doing freight collect in the port of destination.

Do i need to come to China to monitor my project?

You don’t have to come to China; we represent you in China by being your eyes, ears, and voices on the ground. We will send you weekly progress updates, and communicate with the manufacturers about any and all questions or concerns you might have.

Of course, you are always welcome to come to China and do a factory tour or inspection, and Mafosira will assist you in preparing to travel to China.

What about quality control?

We always work with top quality control companies in China by giving them details of the specifications of the product and they help us ensure the quality of all productions, this goes with the sample.

After final product, we take our quality control team to the factory and check products one by one. If the a problem the factory have to replace it and in some case we ask the factory to pay our client back 1% to 3% of the contact value for failing to meet the dead line (depend on terms on the contract). Mafosira work very hard to avoid this scenario to get into that point, that’s why we come up with day-by day checking with the factory as production proceed.

What kind of production contracts does Mafosira sign with the manufacturers?

Mafosira’s signs contracts with all manufacturers, using the sample you approve as the quality standard for all future production. The contracts also specify the production timeline,specifications and the manufacturer’s guarantee. These signings are witnessed and confirmed by our company lawyer.

Can Mafosira help us do airfreight?

Mafosira does airfreight; the cost of the airfreight is calculated based on the volume, size, and weight of the goods. Usually airfreight is only price effective at small quantities, so we advise most of our customers to use full containers to get better shipping rates.

How much money might I save by producing in China?

By finding the right manufacturers, and producing in large enough quantities, you could save up 30% to 50% on productions costs in China on products with the same AAA quality in comparison to producing in most countries throughout the world.

Can we meet with and negotiate with the manufacturers?

Of course you can. In that case, Mafosira’s main job would be representing you in China by monitoring the day-to-day progress of your project, and helping you make sure you get what you want.

With over a decade of experience doing business in China, we have come to understand doing business here and throughout the rest of the world. That puts Mafosira in a unique position to help both sides work with and understand each other, and help you get exactly what you are looking for. We work in transparent manner, this help us to identify all sides responsibilities.