In 2003 I started Mafosira with one goal in mind. To help clients navigate the uncertain waters of doing business in China.

After years of experience doing business in Africa, 18 years ago I came to China. I found out that doing business here was different than doing business anywhere else in the world. In addition to the language barrier and other communication issues, controlling quality turned out to be quite a challenge. Most importantly, I discovered that trust was in short supply, and finding reliable and trustworthy suppliers and partners proved to be the key to doing business in China.

With 18 years of successful business experience in China, our company has learned to solve all of these problems. Speaking Chinese effectively was only part of the communication problem, since much information goes unsaid. A manufactures promise that they can produce your product with no issues, a promise made by countless manufacturers in China, is not worth much until they make a good sample, the promise is not fulfilled until they finish your order with zero quality defects.

After enough time doing business in China, you learn that there are several different levels of quality for any kind of product. We like to differentiate between A, AA, and AAA levels of quality. Many people believe that products sourced in China are incredibly cheap, but this impression comes from looking at the prices of AAA level products. After sourcing these products, they discover all sorts of quality problems and end up feeling cheated. However by finding and cultivating close relationships with AAA factories and businesses, we have been able to help our customers overcome all quality problems, and walk away feeling good about their business dealings in China.

The quality of the final product is only one piece of the puzzle. Customizing your product to your needs is equally important. From spending a full day convincing an experienced engineer that there was a better way to improve the weight bearing capacity of a hotel bed, to spending weeks finding the right materials for ocean water safe toilets and sinks, we always find ways to work with our manufacturer to meet our customers needs.

Trust is a tricky issue in China. As mentioned before, many people come to China and start doing business with factories that produce lower quality products. Sometimes they are promised the world but end up with products that do not meet their needs. These customers have merely not found the right people to work with. They need to find the factories that can produce exactly what they need, and that is what Mafosira helps you to do in China. Find the best manufacturer and business people possible to help you produce your product according to your specific needs.

After thirteen years of doing business in China, we still learn new things everyday. Our goal at Mafosira is simple: Do everything we can to help you produce and source the products you need, the way you need them. To find out more about how we can help you. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Best regards,

Buhari Bello